Aluminum Blinds: lightweight, practical and contemporary

Aluminum Blinds: lightweight, practical and contemporary

Aluminum Blinds: lightweight, practical and contemporary

Simplicity, functionality and aesthetics converge in Vertilux aluminum venetian blinds. Learn about everything related to our Aluminum Blinds so you can decide if they are the best option for your spaces.

Slat Sizes For Aluminum Blinds

Vertilux has three sizes of slats for the Aluminum Blinds: 15 mm, 25 mm, and 50 mm.

Vertilux Aluminum Slat Sizes

Types Of Blinds According To The Finish Of The Slats

Vertilux offers you different finishes of slats to satisfy all tastes and needs. We have three main lines: our popular Louverlux®, the classic Touch of Wood®, and Perforated aluminum. Within these collections you will find:

  • Glossy finish slats
  • Matte finish slats
  • Metallic slats
  • Slats that mimic wood
  • Perforated slats

Types of finish of Vertilux aluminum slats

Where To Use The Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Although we traditionally find Aluminum Blinds in offices and other commercial buildings, they are also very useful at home. They are especially very attractive in common areas and high traffic, such as living rooms, dining rooms or kitchens.

Aluminum Blinds are also very useful to cover very narrow windows, such as those often found in entrance hallways. And although as a general rule we recommend Roller Shades for bedrooms, especially blackout shades, the rules can be broken from time to time. If you are one of those who prefer a little light to sleep because the dark terrifies you, then Aluminum Blinds will offer you that perfect balance between light and semi-darkness in the bedroom.

Aluminum Blind Bedroom

Adjust the ideal amount of light that enters the bedroom with Aluminum Blinds. Image by Mitchell Griest, via


  • Perfect balance between light control and privacy: just by changing the slat’s inclination a little, you will be able to regulate the amount of sunlight and at the same time maintain privacy.
  • Another of its advantages is that they provide privacy to the spaces, since they hide the interior from the views, even if they are not completely closed.
  • They are very easy to operate: the blinds have a double mechanism. With the rod control you can adjust the orientation of the slats so that more or less light enters, and with the cord you can partially or completely retract the shade depending on the time of day.
  • They are lightweight blinds: made of aluminum, Venetian blinds are one of the lightest options.
  • They save space: these blinds are very compact, which allows you to place a shade in windows with very little depth or very small where a shade of another type would not fit. Thanks to the little space they occupy, they help create a feeling of bigger space in the room.

Aluminum Blind Vertilux

Image courtesy of Bandalux.

  • Easy to clean and maintain: aluminum blinds are one of the easiest to clean. For this we only need a duster or a damp cloth to pass them through its slats. By cleaning them often, we will be able to keep our blinds as the first day they were installed, in addition to extending their useful life.
  • A healthy blind: they do not collect dust or mites like traditional curtains. Because they are made with non-textile materials, they prevent the proliferation of mites and many types of allergens, which is an advantage if you are allergic or someone with this type of problem lives in your home.
  • High quality supported: Vertilux Aluminum Blinds, like the rest of our products, have excellent quality supported. The slats of our Aluminum Blinds are available in different thicknesses (“gauges”), and are made with a pre-painted and oven-sealed aluminum sheet, which prevents the detachment of paint and corrosion.
  • The cord and ladder used in the blind have been painted with an ultraviolet resistant dye, which reduces discoloration of the same, with the passage of time.

Librera Vertilux

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  • Homogeneous aesthetics: all the accessories of the blind, from the cord, the ladder, the upper rail, the counterweight, etc …, come color coordinated with the color of the slats.
  • Endless possibilities: when it comes to decoration, the combinations you can achieve with our Aluminum Blinds are endless. You can choose between different finishes, sizes, and colors. Even for a much more innovative look, you can combine more than one color of slats in the same blind to match the color palette of your spaces. You can place a single cloth or more than one under the same rail. Anyway, you choose, and we will make it happen for you.


Cortina Vertical Vertilux

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Although it is common to find Aluminum Blinds made from horizontal slats, you will also find them with vertical slats that function as a vertical blind. The slats fold to the right or left to filter the entry of light and run sideways when you want to leave the window completely open.


Persona Veneciana Vertilux

Although it seems like a rhetorical question, the truth is that it is not. The word “persiana” actually comes from the French persienne, which means “blind” or “inhabitant of Persia”, thus indicating its place of origin (until then its function was fulfilled by shutters). The Venetian blind is known as such because the Persian route to Europe entered through the port of Venice, and therefore that is where it was presented, but in reality the patent was registered in London in 1769.

Silla Horizontal Vertilux

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The benefits of Vertilux Aluminum Blinds are not limited only to the variety of colors, finishes and prices. Simplicity, functionality and beauty converge in these blinds, helping you to create modern and sophisticated environments with a high quality material and great durability.